Complete information on what to do after 12th Arts

What to do after 12th Arts? Friends, there will be many such people among you who want to know what to do after 12th arts, so today I am writing this post for those people. I hope you will like it. After 12th arts, there are many career options, it is not necessary that you should do what your friend is doing. Today I am going to talk to all of you about very interesting things related to the arts stream. Before moving forward, I want to remind you that even before this I have told you what to do after 12th in which I talked about all three streams of Science, Commerce and Arts and in that post I had told only a few career options because the post It would have been long if we had understood all the three streams in detail. That’s why I thought another post should be written above all streams so here is my first post on what to do after 12th Arts.


What to do after 12th Arts:

Bachelor of Arts:

We also know BA from Bachelor of Arts, it is a three-year course, after which you have more career options which we have already told you in this post what to do after BA. It comes in the professional course which most of the arts students like to take. The biggest advantage of doing this course is that your undergraduate program is easily completed because its syllabus is not very difficult. If you want to do any government job then it is necessary to be a graduate for that, if you do BA then your graduation is complete and you can give an exam for any government job. Today, almost every college offers BA programs, so you will not have many problems getting a seat.


Bachelor of Fine Arts:

We also know BFA from Bachelor of Fine Arts, like BA, this course is also of three years. I would recommend joining this course only to those people who have creativity, that means they are interested in painting, sculpting, music, dance, photography etc. Because in the BFA course you are taught about these things, so I will take this course only for them. I would say to do people who are creative from inside and find creativity in everything. This course can also be done after 12th like BA and many government and private colleges offer this course.


Journalism & Mass Communication:

Nowadays this course is running in great demand, many people are showing interest in doing mass communication. After doing this course, you can work as a media reporter in any TV channel. Nowadays online media has opened up anyway, you can work there if you want. The media sector has grown a lot more than before, due to which this course is in great demand nowadays. There are three types of courses in mass communication such as degree, diploma and certificate courses. Taking a degree course takes three years, while diplomas and certificates take one to two years.


Hotel Management:

Friends, hotel management is also one of those courses that you can do after 12th arts. hotel management courses after 12th Friends, everyone may have their own reason for doing hotel management, by the way, with hotel management, you will get a chance to meet new people daily, your management skills will be good, your communication skills will also be good, you will also be given good salary, you will be able to build your inner self. You can bring out the creativity, even if your cooking is good, you can do this course. If you do a degree course in hotel management, it may take three years, while doing a diploma course may take 1-2 years. To know more about hotel management, read this post of ours, how to do hotel management, in this I have told all the things related to hotel management.


Fashion Designing:

Friends, those who want to become a fashion designer can do fashion designing, but in this course also you have to be creative like BFA. The job of a fashion designer is to design new clothes, for which creativity is very important. This course can also be done after 12th, inside this course you are given theoretical as well as practical training, it can take up to 1-3 years and it also depends on your course. For more information related to fashion designing, you can also read our post on how to become a fashion designer, in this we have told everything about fashion designing.


Graphic Design:

This course is also for creative people like fashion designing, BFA who are fond of sketching and visual arts. Graphic designing means visual presentation of any object with the help of shapes, colours, images and fonts, it is also a very good professional course which you can do after 12th. Logos, magazines, books, print advertisements, sign boards, posters and billboards are some examples of graphic designing. The duration of a Bachelor degree course can be 3-4 years and the duration of a Diploma course is between 1-2 years.


Event Management:

The art of event management is known only after hearing the name, you are taught all this how to manage events inside event management. It may take you up to three years to do an event management degree course. In event management you are taught to manage events like music concerts, dance shows, cultural shows, sports events, fashion shows etc. The one who manages the event is called the event manager, his job is to plan the event well, collect the necessary items to host the event, find a good place for the event, meet the expenses within the budget, event host Taking legal permission to do this is the job of the event manager.


Integrated Law Course:

BA LLB in Arts stream is one of the best courses according to me. If you do this course after 12th then it can take five years and career scope is also very good. After doing LLB, you can become an advocate, become a legal advisor, work in a law firm. Apart from this, you can also work in MNCs (MultiNational Companies) because they also need a legal team to run their business.


Teacher Training Course:

A teacher is a very respectful job, it gives you an opportunity to teach children, which is the future of tomorrow, according to me, becoming a teacher is also like serving the country in a way because a teacher is the only person who imparts education to everyone without discrimination. Is. If you are a student of arts and want to make a career in teaching then it is also possible. If you want, after 12th B.Ed course, B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education), B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) etc. You can also do nursery level teacher training courses in India.


Final Words:

Friends, hope you liked this post of ours and now you will be able to make the right decision about what you should do after 12th Arts. As much as I have said in this post, it is not necessary that you can do only that, there are many other courses for arts stream but those who like to take more people, I have told you about the same course in this post if you like the post. If you have come, then do share.