What is hotel management and how to prepare

When we go for a walk outside our city, then there is a need for a hotel to stay there and every hotel provides good services according to its standard, which attracts you towards itself, but if you like the environment there so much. If you also want to be a part of a hotel, then for this you will have to do a course in hotel management and you will also get the option of doing a job in it, in today’s time, every day some job options keep coming in hotel management. That’s why by doing this course you can get the job of your choice in it. hotel management and catering technology


What is Hotel Management?

The job of hotel management is to manage the hotel well, one has to learn to complete every activity in the hotel in the right way and at the right time, it has many functions like hospitality, event management, hotel booking and customer service etc. Hotel industry has a huge contribution in the GDP of our country and there are more chances of growth in it, whether tourists are national or international, all the people take advantage of the services of hotel industry, that is why most of the experts in this field and There is a need of trained graduates who can satisfy the customers through their service.


Which jobs can be looked for in a hotel job?

Director of Hotel Operation, Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Chef, Floor Supervisor, Guest Service Supervisor, Restaurant & Food Service Manager, Food & Vibration Manager, Front Office Manager, Events Manager, Kitchen Manager and Wedding Coordinator etc.


What are the criteria to apply for a Hotel Management course?

If you want to do a Diploma in Hotel Management, then its duration is one year, to apply for it, you must have at least 50% marks in 10th and 12th class.


What courses can you do to get a job in hotel management and which exams you have to prepare for?

To do this course, you have to prepare for some exams like AIMA UGAT, BVP CET Exams and BIT Mesra Hotel Management Entrance Test (BHMCT) etc. And to do a diploma course, Diploma in Food and Beverage Services. , Diploma in Front Office, Diploma in Food Production, Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery, Diploma in Housekeeping can choose any one of the subjects.

If there are many undergraduate courses in hotel management course and if you want to make your career in it then you should do undergraduate course which duration is three years, to do this course in 10th and 12th your marks at least 50 Should be %.

To take admission in Under Graduation course you can choose any one of these few courses Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Hotel Management and Bachelor of Hotel Management in Food and Beverage, but AIMA UGAT to do graduation course in Hotel Management, One has to prepare for IHMCT WAT, BVP CET, DTE and HMCT, JE entrance exam exams.

If you want to improve your grip in a hotel management course then you can also do a post graduation course in it but before that you have to complete graduation after which you can do 2 years post graduation degree/diploma course. To pursue a postgraduate course, you can choose any one subject from Master of Hotel Management, Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management and Master of Business Administration in Hotel Management. To take admission in post graduation you have to prepare for UPCE, MAT, XAT, NMAT, GMAT and MAT exams.


Some of the hotel management courses are subspecialization courses?

Marketing of services

In this, you are told how to reach the hotel’s services and products to the tourist, in which the planning to satisfy the customer through the services of room, food, pass service, gaming is explained.


Food Science and Hygienic Management

In this, all the practical knowledge related to food service is given so that the customers can be satisfied by serving healthy and best food.


Event and conference management

This is a very important point in this, in this course, related slicks are developed by properly organising the events in the hotel because after completing this course, the hotel staff are responsible for managing the events in the hotel. If it is, then in this course it is taught to handle it.


Facility Planning, Design and Management

The more attractive and organised your hotel is, the more customers will come there, that’s why it is also important to take a course in this, in which you are taught to design the skills of the hotel’s facility planning and its layout in a proper way.


Hospitality law

To run any institute or agency, you should have complete knowledge about the law related to it. There are many laws related to the safety of building, employees and customers in the hotel industry, which are told in this course, so that when it is needed. Any situation can be handled easily.


Which are the best colleges to do hotel management courses?

If you want to be successful in this then you should do this course from any top college which can improve your skills as well as give you practical knowledge and prepare you like a professional and if you have taken this course from any good college If done, you will have all the information related to hotel management.

Some of the top colleges for doing hotel management course are- Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition Delhi, Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition Mumbai, Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition Chennai, Department of Hotel Management, Christ University Bangalore, Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Bangalore,

Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition Punjab, Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Kerala, Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration Udupi, Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition Lucknow and Indian Institute of Hotel Management Ahmedabad etc. If you have done this course from any of these colleges

So it will help you to get jobs in big hotels and it may also be that you will get a good experience that you can get job opportunities in top hotels like Taj Group of Hotels and Oberoi Group Hotels.


How much salary can you get after doing a hotel management course?

After doing a graduate course in Hotel Management, you can get a monthly salary of 15 to 20 thousand rupees after doing a job as a fresher and your salary increases with the increase in experience, your salary also depends on your position.